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Bayswater Dreaming (a sound poem)

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A house unlike any I’d lived in, a real home

Cookie coloured carpet with chocolate swirls

trodden and marked by all five children

Panoramique view looking out to an endless street

through the lounge room window

Frosted glass doors

slide out to the passage

A forbidden bedroom

Another, empty

Purple-pastelled bathroom, dusted in talcum velour

Green mesh patio with a see-through roof

gives light to banana trees and thorny succulents

Topaz crystal sparkles in

from the pool

My tropical Bayswater universe

Adults eat, drink, gamble

in a makeshift games room

I escape to the garden

The pecan and the lemon tree are my favourites

Climb up for a better view

beyond the fence

Little stream borders slick wet lawn

School boys home for the weekend

I jump

Down by the glistening pool

and think about

Getting in