Letters, Soundscape

28th March 1998

Fitt’s village
St. James

28th March, 1998

My Sweet and Precious Abigail,

Birthday greetings to you and also greetings to the rest of my dear family. I trust you are all very well and was happy to hear you all had a pleasant and peaceful Easter. Before I go further, I must tell you I had great joy in my heart for your report, how you pulled out nearly “all the stops” to give your teachers and parents very pleasant surprises. Yes, I enjoyed that. I said “nearly” because I am sure you have a great deal more reserve to pull out more stops for more surprises. Granny is not too surprised, just gratified. Although I stayed with you for only two periods of your life, I think I read your character and ability fairly clearly. Your abilities will unfold in time like a beautiful flower. That blessing has been given to you by God; may He continue to walk with you and dear Jonathan, and help you to avoid the evil stumbling blocks of this world.

Today in Barbados is called Heroes Day, a new celebration and another holiday from work. They have recalled and celebrated the lives of nine men and one woman who they said have played important roles in developing Barbados. Will try to send some newspaper cuttings. On Friday this week there is the May Day holiday, I watched some of the celebration activities on television.

You will all be happy to hear that after some weeks of silence, I have at last heard from your Uncle Julius. He has been working in Germany and returned home at the weekend. He will be working there for 6 months, God willing, and he likes the place. He also mentioned that there were quite a few English people around at the bank where he works. So he was not under pressure to revise his German as work procedures were also written in English. I suppose he also gave Steve a call as he said he had quite a few other calls to make and has to return to Germany on Sunday to be ready for work on Monday. How I wish I were here to welcome him with a big hug. I am praying I will be able to get back there in the not-too-distant-future. Do you have a May Day holiday in Australia as they do in Europe?

Well, I suppose you have all heard from Daddy Steve that a car driven by tourists knocked me down on the road on All fool’s day. It gave me a bad shock and minor injuries but we all know it could have been worse, much worse. I am still attending the osteopath as he says the neck needs more treatment for the “pins and needles” I still feel in the right arm. Remember I fell on the right elbow so it is God’s mercy no bone was broken. I thank God for His wonderful protection. Do remember me in your prayers as I remember you and Jonathan, Mum and Dad in my prayers daily. May God be with you all.

Mum must have told you, dear Abi, that she sent me a copy of your analytical essay on “Playing Beatie Bow”. It was very interesting to see how you understood and interpreted the characters. I enjoyed reading the essay very much and gave it also to Aunt Nal and Paula. They too were very impressed and noted that our little Abi we saw some years ago is growing up to be a rather knowledgeable and sensible girl. Keep it up Abi dear. I am expecting you and Jonathan to be in the top stream in your class.

Never say this or that is too difficult.

If it is a maths problem. Don’t run away from it; keep going back to it, reading it, looking at past rules and examples, note carefully the clues you have been given. Make sure you have thoroughly understood foregoing rules and examples because you must build a strong foundation. As you are an avid reader, you should never be at a loss for words to describe what you want to say. In your reading, note and underline certain neat words and phrases which describe people, places, situations, so that you can quote them in your analytical essays. Tell that wonderfully created brain of yours,

“Gee up, we have many miles to cover!”

Talking of miles, I understand we shall be needing a whole cabinet to hold all of those athletic medals of yours. Well, I have to say that God has given my grand children gifts by the shower, blessings by the shower and I rejoice that I have lived to see many of those blessings at work more and more as you grow older. I pray that God will continually guide you to use your blessings fully and to the glory of his Name. My heart and prayers are with you.

I mentioned earlier that they had introduced another Bank Holiday here called Heroes Day in which they celebrated the lives of 10 Barbadians who, they say, have helped to build Barbados; politicians, union people, sportsmen etc. But I do not recall anyone thanking God for the wonderful gifts which enabled them to do well. A sad example to the younger people now growing up.

Now, I can’t remember if I told you the story of the papier mâché turkey with real legs and I do not want to repeat myself. So please let me know if I have not yet told you and I will in my next letter, please God. THere is nothing new happening here. The sea with its many moods is as you left it, also the sunshine and the sands. We sometimes grumble that we would like more rain and a less hot sun but we again give thanks to God for his matchless creation and get on with living.

Here is a potato joke :

Once a mother potato had three daughters who were well brought up. When they grew up one came in to announce “I am getting married”. The family asked, to whom? She answered, “King Edward” The family commented, that’s lovely it will raise the fortunes of the family! Later, the second daughter said, “I am going to be married”, and the family asked, to whom? SHe answered, to a Jersey Royal, and the family said, wonderful that will give the family eve more status. The third came in and announced she too was going to be married and that family asked “to whom”, and she answered, to John Motson. They all shouted “you can’t do that, he is a commontato!! (commentator!!!).

“Our blessed redeemer… Every virtue we possess, and every conquest won, and every thought of holiness are his alone.”

Kiss sweet mum and Dad and darling Jonathan and may God bless you all richly and be with you always.

Much, much love always,



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