PRIVATE MINGOT from Eggsandclips (by abispoke) on Vimeo.

Celluloid secrets of past times spent at Mamie’s in Mingot.

Daughter, wife, mother. Kiss for the camera – she knows we’re watching. She also knows we can’t really see her. She exists, neither here nor there. Her husband, separate from the rest. Unable to assemble or resemble, anything other than himself. They no longer speak, cannot. Their beginning is already the end.

Different children appear, disappear, and re-emerge on their feet. Older, wiser, hungrier. Teenage sister dreams of short term love. In 25 years it’ll be too late.

Their mother, the teacher and the entertainer. Porcelain arms in a sleeveless blouse. Firm and fearless. Her husband, he who documents, briefly admires his wife from behind the camera.

Another summer, marriage, birth. Histoire des bonheurs. Death and divorce not for show, they are written between the lines.