Quotes I like

Virginia Wolf

“He knew how to make a luncheon pass agreeably without being dull or intimate.”

“I’m convinced people are wrong when they say it’s work that wears one; it’s responsibility.”

“young women with their hair down pointing a gun at the stars”

“A little house in a garden. I had one once in Ireland. One could lie in bed in the mornin’ and pick roses outside the window with one’s toes.”

“there’s one advantage I find in extreme old age – noting matters a hang except one’s food and one’s digestion”

-The Voyage Out
“Eyelids would have been fastened down by the rain”

“The child’s bucket was half-full of rainwater; and the opal-shelled crab slowly circled round the bottom, trying with its weakly legs to climb the steep side; trying again and falling back, and trying again and again.”

-Jacobs Room